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Default Re: You as a player.

6'7 in shoes with long arms, skinny, not great at jumping but agile/mobile.
SF/PF tweener but I'll sometimes play C if the team needs me to (particularly in street ball where I'm typically one of the tallest guys).

Very basic, fundamental game. Nice midrange J, good at pick'n'roll and particularly pick'n'pop, I can face up but I'm also decent in the low block (my two main moves being the high release turnaround J and the McHale up and under) where I have a pretty soft touch and a knack for fakes (combined with relatively accurate free throw shooting). I've mastered the Dirk fadeaway due to practicing it a whole lot but I'll only do it if there's no coach around

Not a flashy but an accurate passer, I usually alternate pretty well between making plays for myself and dishing out when I have to.

Because I played organized ball for a long time, I know things like where to be on the court, how to set picks etc.

I'm a good offensive rebounder but somewhat below average defensive rebounder for my height, though I box out religiously.

My shot blocking skills aren't what they should be but I have excellent defensive awareness, particularly on help rotations, and I'm good at fronting the post. I play the passing lanes well for my size and tend to surprise my opponent with steals (of course, gambling isn't always the greatest idea).

In an actual game, I'll get 12 to 15 points, 7-8 rebounds, 2-3 assists, 2 steals and maybe 1 block. In a looser street environment, I'll score much more and get more assists, but I won't defend as hard.
Not the highest motor/stamina, if I suddenly feel like dominating I've found myself scoring 15 in a row but I can't keep it up very long.
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