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Default Re: What kind of person are you

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
No. I assumed you were ENTJ. You are very introspective but you've always rubbed off as a very chill social guy who became more reserved, hungry for knowledge, and an avid reader as he grew older rather than the other way around (which is more me). I"m INTP/ENTP/ENFP dont know which one. Rationalist-Visionary-Healer hybrid.
i heard INTJ's made the best warrior poets..

Thread Hijack:
Double D try this one. This is pretty fun. promise

You are approaching a field of strawberries; how high is the gate?
As you look into the farm, how many strawberries do you see?
As you exit the farmer, how do you feel about the farmer who alowed you to pick the strawberries.
You are going ot visit your gf, do you take the short way through the city or the long scenic route?
You open the door and her parents are there and you want to confront her; do you ask her parents to bring her down, or do you privately go forth.
You got to convey a message to your girl but she's not in her room; do you leave a note on the windowsill or on the bed?
As you leave her house do you come back the short way or the long way?
What's your favorite body of water?
What's your favorite animal?
What do you like about that animal?
What's your favorite color?
Give three adjectives to describe that color?
Where would you rather vacation at.. Barcelona, Spain or an expedition in Antarctica?

My question is what are you doing inside the farmer?
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