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Default Re: You all think TO is juiced up or super human?

Originally Posted by chains5000
It's a shame that nowadays hard work is always suspect.

its just too easy to take some type of performance enhancers these days, on top of working hard. call me fact i think roids and those kind of testosterone building drugs drive people who take them to work harder because they're so amped up. everything kind of fits with TO's situation too where he is on the verge of becoming broke, had open training sessions for NFL teams to look at him and no teams showed, and he had hit rock bottom just prior to all of this. its just such a quick sudden turnaround.

that said TO could be super human. he's been a freak all of his career and some of those 49er days where he was the target of 3/4's of their passes and still catching stuff despite being triple covered were ridiculous. he's always been blessed with freak like physical attributes more than almost anybody, so maybe it is all natural its just crazy how ripped he is...on top of all of this other stuff.
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