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Default Re: Is Skyrim the greatest game of all time?

Originally Posted by Bucket_Nakedz
wow. now i don't even feel like playing it anymore. so far im a level 21 and the missions have been hella boring and repetitive. so many fetch quests, and the dungeons are becoming such an annoyance. i really love smithing, alchemy an enchanting parts of the game, but the combat really leaves a lot to be desired.

the story and plot seems pretty solid, but the characters are so bland. i think the only thing i really enjoyed was fighting a dragon priest when i was a level 10 lol. it took me forever to kill that asshole, but my persistence paid off.

Smithing, Alchemy, and Enchanting are the three things I perked all the way up too and got best at.
I got to a point where I was just enchanting everything and anything with whatever I had just so I could upgrade my enchanting. Go sell it all off. Buy a bunch of empty crystals, go on a quest, collect as much shit as I can carry, repeat the enchanting/selling/buying crystals ... and out again.
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