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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Originally Posted by Maniak
I agree with lots of your points zvp. i find when watching pro games there has been so much zvp as of late that i am not only sick of watching the match up, but it's really strange.

If you want to know how to beat the Stephano style check out the 2 sets he lost against Oz at the most recent MLG arena.

I don't know what the most balanced non-mirror matchup is. I think if EMP never got nerfed down (or if the nerf was less) it would be TvP. This new 1.5.3 patch may make TvZ better, however I think that the cost of hunter seeker should be less and that there are too many upgrades for the raven. Starport's upgrades as a whole are dumb. HSM should move a bit faster and energy cost down to 100. That would make Air Zerg with Infestors much more beatable by terran.

IEM will be great! Nestea signed up for the open bracket, which is quite cool. I hope that means he's in good form and will be able to do great this weekend at the TAC 3 finals.

I'm actually in bronze. I didn't ladder yesterday otherwise I think I could have been promoted.

U know some stuff quite well, seems weird that you are bronze. And yeah that new patch looks interesting. And about TvP, why just not give terran something late gamerelated (upgrade or smt) that boosts units production speed, maxed vs maxed out army toss doesnt have advantage, advanatage comes after battle if it ends about equally toss just remax faster and terran cant keep up with production, and ohh believe me ghosts are so damn good even now, feedback is impossible, because ht so slow and ghost have higher range. But then again if it's equal late game they should fix early-mid game aswell which imo slightly favors terran.
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