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Why does everyone think the Pistons will all be as good as they were this yr. Billups had a career yr. Rip had a great season. Prince was allowed to just fill the holes and play his game. Sheed got to shoot 3s all game and no one had to worry about rebounding to much. McDyess is a good player but is not goin to be able to play more the 25 minutes a game. Nazr is not enough to help all these players the way Big Ben did.

Big Ben 35.2 MPG | PPG 7.3 | RPG 11.3 | BPG 2.2 | SPG 1.8
While playing against the others teams best post player.

Nazr 17.4 MPG | PPG 6.2 | RPG 5.2 | BPG 0.6 | SPG 0.3
Even when he did start he didn't have to always gaurd the best player and was seriously protected by Tim Duncan.

The problem I have with Detriot is they are getting worse and older while other teams are making move to get better.

Cleveland with LeBron is better next yr.
Chicago is a lot better with Tyrus, Wallce, there core having more experience.
Milwaukee got a good PF and is still looking to move Magloire.
Orlando showed how good they can be at the end of the year.
Miami might be a little weaker with an older Shaq but DWade is still young.
New Jersey had a great draft to help there bench.
Washington is goin to be a 42 - 45 win team with there 3 headed monster.
Indy&Philly is a question mark for me

Toronto, Boston could both make a serious push at the playoffs.

Bottom Line the East is getting a lot better then it was even 2 yrs ago.
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