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Originally Posted by sixerfan3511
i like dalembert. I wouldn't want to do that trade for smith and brown. We already have enough athletic wings, haha thats funny to say that cuz a couple weeks ago we had 1. But yeah, the only trade ive seen that would make me ok with trading him was a sign and trade for ben wallace, because we wouldve had to give him to them. He has great potential obviously, but mo cheeks didnt play him much after that minor ankle sprain. He averaged 10 boards and 3.3 blocks a game while he was starting and getting big minutes. **** steven hunter!!!

I know what you're saying. I would hate to trade someone who basically provides all of the team's rebounding and shot blocking. But he makes too much money. The Sixers can't get any better by going forward with the current roster. They need to back up a little, get worse, and shed some of high money players.
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