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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Marlo has stopped emailing me :/

No disrespect as SAS would say but can you please shut the f*ck up about marlo? I get it already, we all do. Now I'm not saying let it go because he owes you money. Just save us the trouble of having to come across you mentioning it. Its annoying me period. And I dont care to hear him owing you money has anything to do with this league. It doesnt. That was side bets you two made. I'm not going to tolerate you whining about this all FF season bro. Thanks.

And if you want to bet me we can go the leaguesafe route. Told you that before just reminding you. I forgot the one bet I threw at you. Do you remember? We can do Dallas vs Eagles individual games. No pt spreads just who wins my team or yours. I think you wanted pt spreads or some nonsense, so maybe thats out of the deal. Either way I wouldnt burn you out of money. Paid plenty people here straight cash homie as Moss would say. Heck I inherited someone elses FF team last year and paid cash for it.

Anyway cheers
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