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Originally Posted by plowking
Used to be able to do it a lot better than before. Now the best I can do is a one hander off the bounce. Think Fred Jones style in the 2004 dunk contest, just not as much pull back.

Before, it was the windmill as my best dunk. Off one foot, not two. So more Andre Igoudala style. I've never been great off two feet. I think in my lifetime I've thrown down about two 360's... They feel retarded to me, and I just couldn't ever find the rhythm to throw them down nicely.
Best dunk I've ever done in a game was a put back off a free throw. The dude below me on the block got a nice face-full of nuts. In terms of fast break, I only ever got as fancy as doing the Latrell Sprewell two handed tomahawk. Didn't wanna mess up and look stupid.

/end my life story. thanks for reading.
What is your age? I ask because I was surprised to read you could once windmill but now can only dunk off the bounce. How many years are you removed from windmilling?
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