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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by GOBB
First does anyone know the pm limit? I was unaware I was over it denying pms to go thru. Sorry about that. I';m just gonna clean the whole in and sent boxes, screw it.

Second I recieved two emails. One yesterday and another this morning (basically saying cough up the money buckaroo). Is the money due in Sept as first email stated or asap? Let me know. I'm lazy right now to do it.

What else do I need to know? Draft date or once payments are in that'll be announced?

My bad RBa with the email. But you have the right one. Thats the one I use.
The deadline for payment is September, but everyone should be paying ASAP. I've already put in my $100. Basically, in order to get the link to the league and the password, you have to pay first. That's the way it has always worked.

We really can't go any further until everyone has paid up. The first year we did this, we had instances where guys received voting privileges on rules, draft date, etc. and then decided not to pay-up later on... So, we had to re-do everything.

First order of business for everyone is tossing in your $100.
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