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Default Re: See Cavs fans? This is how you make a big move

Originally Posted by GOBB
Not hold onto this unproven talent because you value your assets way too highly. Maybe when your teams balls drop you'll make a gutsy move like the Sixers did. Enjoy rebuilding tho.
besides the sarcasm, OP is correct. Even if cavs lost Bynum after the season it would've been worth the try. Unless you got a guy on your team that has a top ten ability then you gotta do what you gotta do. Especially when the team wasnt asking for Irving.

There is a GIGANTIC possibility that he would resign after the season. Y'all would've been fun to watch, had a great young core, could've offered him the most money, and a lower seeded playoff team. Not to mention that names and buzz attract followers so a few remaining free agents would've gave y'all a look.

IMO if I had the option I would've traded the farm and a million protected future firsts and just built around Irving, waiters and Bynum.
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