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Default Re: See Cavs fans? This is how you make a big move

Originally Posted by INDI
besides the sarcasm, OP is correct. Even if cavs lost Bynum after the season it would've been worth the try. Unless you got a guy on your team that has a top ten ability then you gotta do what you gotta do. Especially when the team wasnt asking for Irving.

There is a GIGANTIC possibility that he would resign after the season. Y'all would've been fun to watch, had a great young core, could've offered him the most money, and a lower seeded playoff team. Not to mention that names and buzz attract followers so a few remaining free agents would've gave y'all a look.

IMO if I had the option I would've traded the farm and a million protected future firsts and just built around Irving, waiters and Bynum.

Build around Kyrie and Bynum... Waiters is a huge bust waiting to happen
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