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Default Re: Where do we stand?

Originally Posted by bluechox2
looks like lakers are winning for hte next 2 years

how stupid can the magic be? 3 mid-to-end lottery picks, and al haringtion?

i feel like this atm

man some teams are just handed the trophies

I'm just wondering if the other 3 teams had lube when they raped the Magic. I mean seriously, this was as dumb a mov as youcan make. They actually tok o salary if the proposed trade is accurate. They got rid of Rchardso's contract and added Harrington and Afflalo's contracts.

I'm curious to see if Denver is going to trade either Gallo or Chandler. They'll have 3 small forwards getting paid handsomely. I'd suspect one has to go.

Bleacher Report is bout the only people that think this was a good trade for Orlando (and theyre idiots anyway). I would be surprised if they made the playoffs. I also think Philly, while geting Bynum is an upgrade, will be easier for us to beat. Who's their go to wing player now? Plus, who's gonna guard Melo?

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