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Originally Posted by plowking
This is the sad thing lol... I'm 21.
My knees hurt like hell after every basketball session now, but I keep playing.

I could windmill when I was 17/18. I was only about 75-80kg (165-175lbs) and around the same height at 6'3. Now I've been hitting the gym the last 4 years and I've put on about 15-25kg, depending on if I'm bulking or cutting. So I sit anywhere between 215-235lbs.

Its not just off the bounce. I can still do the typical one hand and two hand dunk off one foot. As well as a one hander off two feet. I just think the alley to myself with a little bit of pull back looks the best.
Oh gotcha. It's clear now. I thought you were saying you couldn't do any other dunks now aside from the bounce. Your explanation makes much more sense.

Also, there's comfort in being able to pull off that bounce dunk while bringing it back a little bit. It means you could have scored a 50 in an NBA Dunk Contest:
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