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Default Re: Mitch Appreciation thread....

Originally Posted by magicmanfan
This Dwight trade is a superb deal for the Lakers.... I really didn't like that
rumor about trading both Pau and Drew to get Dwight, but Drew and
a pick in 2017 for Howard is an awesome deal for LakersNation!!!

Mr. Logo trained you very well Mitch !!!!! I know you would give him
some of the credit, so I will do it here too.....

But Mitch is still the best GM in the league, IMO !!!

Thank you so much Mitch... I have been wanting to stomp MIA into the
dirt for a couple of years now... Let's get after it!!!!

I gotta give Jimmy credit too for finally releasing his pet project Bynum.........THAT is the way to create your own legacy!!!!!!
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