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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by fpliii
Stanford 2012 Schedule:

Fri 8/31 vs San Jose State W
Sat 9/8 vs Duke W
Sat 9/15 vs USC L
Sat 9/27 @ Washington (could go either way)
Sat 10/6 vs Arizona W
Sat 10/13 @ Notre Dame (could go either way)
Sat 10/20 @ California W
Sat 10/27 vs Washington State W
Sat 11/3 @ Colorado W
Sat 11/10 vs Oregon State W
Sat 11/17 @ Oregon L (blowout)
Sat 11/24 @ UCLA W
Fri 11/30 Pac-12 Championship (don't qualify)

final record: anywhere from 8-4 (6-3) to 10-2 (7-2), depending on the italicized games, so I'll split the difference and say 9-3 (6-3), good for third in conference, putting us in the Holiday Bowl

Stanford will CRUSH notre dame and udub
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