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Default Deal Done - Dwightmare Finally Ends

Dwight Howard is a Los Angeles Laker. Shortly after 1 p.m. ET, the NBA approved a four team deal that sends Howard to L.A. and another 11 players to other destinations, most notably Andrew Bynum to the 76ers.

The Lakers receive Howard, Earl Clark and Chris Duhon from the Magic and send Bynum to the 76ers. The Sixers also receive Jason Richardson from the Magic. The Sixers send Andre Iguodala to the Nuggets. In return, the Magic receive Arron Afflalo and Al Harrington from the Nuggets; Nikola Vucevic and Moe Harkless from the 76ers; and Josh McRoberts and Christian Eyenga from the Lakers

The Magic also receive three protected first-round draft picks, one each from the Lakers, Nuggets and 76ers, and two second rounders, one each from L.A. and Denver. The Lakers are sending a protected 2017 first rounder and a conditional 2015 second rounder; the Nuggets a protected 2014 first rounder (the less favorable of their own and the Knicks pick they acquired) and a 2013 second-round pick from the Nuggets (by way of Golden State); the Sixers a protected 2013 first rounder.

The Magic also comes away with a $17.8 million trade exception, which they will retain for a year.
mixed feelings, i have.


- glad that we saved the four #1 draft picks. that was a borderline ridiculous price to pay IMO.

- glad that we hung on to marshon brooks.

- i'm relieved that we didn't wind up with howard's troublesome prima dona personality, not to mention his determination to be a FA next summer. now the lakers are stuck with those headaches, not to mention most of their stars aging fast to offset all the talent.

- relieved that we don't have to worry about howard's back- who knows how big an issue that will be in the future?


- i feel insulted that the magic were so dismissive of all the nets' various offers made across the months and years. in the end they wound up taking a trade which was probably worse. i don't know if this is a devos family thing against prokhy, or what, but it stinks. if i was a magic fan i would be none to pleased.

- specifically, the way the magic put a gun to howard's head last trade deadline and said "either re-enlist for one year or we're trading you to the lakers" was pretty weasily. in the end it got the magic a worse deal and wound up wasting everyone's time.

- if we had gotten howard, we wouldn't have had to make that very costly deal for johnson in order to persuade d-will to stay. howard's salary is actually less than johnson's IIRC, meaning we would have had more cap flexibility and might have been able to keep a player like gerald green. maybe.

- in the end the nets wind up with a middle-to-late playoff team that's not going to contend. not a knock against the nets- just keeping it real. meanwhile, with howard, there was the chance to contend. either way, though... very little salary flexibilty, which is always scary.

final thoughts:

we would have had a better team now with dwight, but we'll have a better team in the future by keeping the draft picks. it's important to remember that even with dwight, the team would have had some holes, and was no lock for a championship... nor even a lock to make the finals.

so, then..... for the next couple of years, the nets will make some noise and have a fun rivalry with the knicks while billy king can be expected to make excellent draft picks, which he usually does. then the team can hopefully trade the expiring contracts of the aging wallace and johnson, and the young talent (knock on wood) can step in and nicely fill those available positions. that will free up a huge amount of salary and will hopefully coincide with the continued development of lopez and the rising profile of the nets in brooklyn, making it easier to attract and keep the league's better players.

only thing that's wrong will be prokhy's prediction about a championship in five years, but how much was that really worth, anyway? in the end he wound up improving the nets' situation 90% across the board, so i feel very thankful for that.
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