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Originally Posted by ballinhun8
No point of arguing with that kid. Has multiple accounts and is on the boards 24/7.

And you're right, some of these people here moan and cry too much. Rose is our franchise but he's only been a true superstar for two years and this past season he suffered a catastrophic injury that kills the following season but he's a humble kid who doesn't have the same type of persona like a Howard or James, or even Shaq. As long as they build a good team he will stick around.

I feel you, and I understand people's fear and confusion....I mean it seemed like we were RIGHT THERE until those injuries popped I'm not 100% just trying to dog those that have a less positive outlook than's just that these guys wait until we have things that no one could anticipate for fully and now people w3ant to pile on Gar and Pax who have done a GREAT JOB so far considering. It's crazy. They put together a team that won 62 games and gave us the best times of our fandom second to the Jordan years.

And do they even get a modicum of credit for it?

Any idiot can tell that NOTHING is shaking until we know how Rose fares. Get over it, accept it, and let's move on as a positive fan base with realistic expectations.

*And yeah, I know he's a troll, I just wanted to point out that his namesake got bodied by Lebron James and cried to his momma after the finals (I saw it).
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