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Originally Posted by Go Getter
I don't care where you claim to be and what you claim to like. You can always tell thirsty ass phonies by how they offer up unwanted info. Lie to someone who actually cares.

You can't say, at least we made it to the finals, then say stick to getting piped by the Heat (not even gonna address the Sixers since we all know why we lost to them) when you guys got beat by the Heat pretty handily. And on top of that the player in your avi cried like a little baby in front of the cameras.

Dude got str8 BODIED by Lebron, needs to get into the weight room because until Lebron gets old or decided he doesn't want to hoop anymore Durant will always be his little skinny bitch....shooting tons of jumpshots while Lebron takes him straight to the rack......oh wait, Durant didn't even guard Lebron most of the time, he's too fragile to be the man on both sides of the court like Lebron....must suck to realize that you favorite player can't hang with Lebron.
lie? so ur saying im from okc?? dafuq??

its about lebron now? lebron is the best player in the league. i know that. durant got ways to go, not gonna act like hes the greatest.

but we the team to beat in the west still. so until we actually lose, u can sit down n stfu
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