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Originally Posted by KDTrey5
never bragged about my teams franchise success, but we been better in recent years and thats all that matters.

call it what u want, but i like the whole okc squad. u been just assuming shit this whole argument so get off ur high-horse lame niggeh. easy to make bullshiit claims

You claimed the Bulls aren't shit and that the Thunder are because they made the finals last year.

And I'm not assuming anything. You a young buck, a lil g, Lil Trey in tha Hood, and I guess I'm your OG since nobody else will take you.

Kids call themselves the same name as their idol. My son called himself "Lightning McQueen" for a month after he saw cars.

You a kid that likes man meat it seems....get KD's junk out your mouth and root for ATLANTA like a real fan.
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