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Default Re: Where do we stand?

Originally Posted by franchize
After seeing Melo drop the numbers he's dropping in less than 20 minutes this summer, I feel fairly secure in my assessment. Him and Amare can get theirs. I'm just curious as to who's gonna guard him.

Overall, I thought they had a mediocre offseason altogether. The gained Bynum and Young. They lost Brand, Iggy and Lou Will. I like the acquisition of Moultrie but I don't expect him to ocme out the gates making a huge impact. I think we match up well against them as long as Tyson does what he got paid for.

it's a team game. it doesn't matter too much if melo "gets his" at the expense of team cohesion and synergy... which was the same exact problem with stoudemire his first season here. yes the knicks were at a respectable 28-26 as of the trade for melo but stoudemire burned himself out during that first 54 games by barreling into three defenders and never finding open teammates. people like to overlook that fact by applauding the asinine notion of "beasting" or "putting the team on his back" and other such nonsense.

and in acquiring melo the knicks have this same problem doubled, perhaps even squared.

will woodson figure something out and have a better regular-season record? maybe. but come playoff time it's likely the same old story of stat and melo not being able to enhance the other and relying on a crappy felton and an old and perhaps still-creative facilitator in jason kidd. woodson isn't exactly a genius and gets exposed in the playoffs.
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