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Default Olympiacos B.C. Is Better Than The L.A. Lakers

Olympiacos B.C. 13 Man Roster:

PG Vassilis Spanoulis/Acie Law/Dimitrios Katsivelis
SG Vangelis Mantzaris/Kostas Sloukas/Martynas Gecevicius
SF Stratos Perperoglou/Kostas Papanikoloau
PF Pero Antic/Georgios Printezis
C Joey Dorsey/Kyle Hines/Dimitrios Mavroeidis

L.A. Lakers 13 Man Roster:

PG Steve Nash/Steve Blake/Chris Duhon
SG Kobe Bryant/Jodie Meeks/Darius Johnson-Odom
SF World Metta Peace/Antawn Jamison
PF Pau Gasol/Earl Clark
C Dwight Howard/Jordan Hill/Robert Sacre

Spanoulis > Nash

Law > Blake

Katsivelis > Duhon

Kobe > Mantzaris

Sloukas > Meeks

Gecevicius > Johnson-Odom

Perperoglou = World Peace

Papanikolaou > Jamison

P. Gasol > Antic

Printezis > Clark

Howard > Dorsey

Hines = Hill

Mavroeidis > Sacre

And of course, Georgios Bartzokas > Mike Brown

The Lakers only have the advantage at 3 spots in the 8-10 man rotations, and they have a clear deficit in the coaching department.

Olympiacos has a much better overall roster.
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