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Default Re: Tips on protecting the ball(especially when going up)

Originally Posted by Jyap9675
Ive seen D-rose cuff the ball a lot while driving. Cuffing the ball actually is one of the best ways to protect the ball while driving.

Oh and "carrying" depends on your steps.

From personal experience, the players who excel in driving are the ones that aren't afraid of contact. Once you get in contact with the player defending you on air, they get unbalanced and its harder for them to block the ball.

Another way is to stuff up their timing - either a quicker release,double clutch or release it as far as possible from them.

ive watched every d rose bulls game there ever was. he does do it on occasions but only when he feels like theres too much muscle in the lane and he has to power his way in for a layup. most of the time hes using his acrobatic ability to finish. cuffing everytime or most the time is no good. another good reason that cuffing is bad is that you actually lose explosion to lay in the ball. when you gather the ball in a cuffing motion the ball stays at a stand still or a gentle cradle, either at your waist or near your abdomen. but if you bring it up and over from waist to waist, you can gather energy off that movement and then lay it in any way you want. im a good penetrator myself and i only cradle when im not using my speed to hit the lane, when i need to force my way in the lane i cradle or grip the ball like a football.
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