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Default Re: Where do we stand?

Originally Posted by franchize
After seeing Melo drop the numbers he's dropping in less than 20 minutes this summer, I feel fairly secure in my assessment. Him and Amare can get theirs. I'm just curious as to who's gonna guard him.

Overall, I thought they had a mediocre offseason altogether. The gained Bynum and Young. They lost Brand, Iggy and Lou Will. I like the acquisition of Moultrie but I don't expect him to ocme out the gates making a huge impact. I think we match up well against them as long as Tyson does what he got paid for.
Obviously you saw what happened last year. Melo can score 40 every night and lets say he hits 50%.... Someone else has to be able to score as well. To assume Stats uninfluential scoring is a legit 2nd option has gotten the Knicks no where.

Its funny how even the espn link implies the Knicks arent better than last year because of our own merit but its based on what other teams did or didnt do.
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