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Default Re: Anyone else excited for college ball? REP YOUR SQUAD HERE!

I think UNC will be better than a lot of people think. Obviously losing Barnes, Henson, Zeller, and Marshall hurts, but I'm very encouraged after McAdoo and Bullock emerged late last season. McAdoo has top 5-10 pick talent and Bullock is a very good two way player and exceptional defender. Hopefully P.J. Hairston will be more consistent, because he has a ton of ability. Unfortunately we'll be very thin in the frontcourt, relying on two freshmen in Brice Johnson and Joel James.

UNC will also get Leslie McDonald who figured to be a key piece on last year's team before tearing his ACL in August and missing the entire season. I don't really think they're a legit Final Four contender but, with the right match-ups in the tournament, I think they can make an Elite 8 or Sweet 16 run.
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