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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony Thread

Originally Posted by Alan Shore
i have my own definitions of leadership and i was asking you to define yours to see if you know what you are talking about.

i numbered your points so i could respond. (1) is patently false. (2) is false or if true inherently contradictory, therefore also false. (3) is true but does not correlate to leadership but merely the need for scoring. (4) is false and here's why: "accepting blame" is not the same thing as "taking responsibility." his accepting blame is merely resignation that he will be the focal point if there is failure, and rightfully so as the most expensive player on the roster. but lets be clear-- there is no real ownership there. it has nothing to do with improving things or dedicating himself to improve his play where it needs improvement. not once have we heard him say "i have got to do better" or any variation on that. you can add stoudemire here on this very point. (5) is as false as it is vague. what are you referring to here?

bill russell won 11 titles in 13 years and 2 ncaa titles. when asked about what it means to be a good leader his answer was on point: "to be a good leader you must be a good servant."

that is something melo doesn't actually understand. but make no mistake: the talent is there but not the will, the will to serve others. his career is characterized by underachievement and a lot of excuses. "his rosters were weak." "too many injuries." "he faced the eventual nba champion."

but underneath all the underachieving and excuses has been the cold, hard fact that others have had to serve him-- which was something that wilt chamberlain realized was the difference between him and bill russell.

this is the crux of the problem.

maybe the olympics will have a miraculous effect on melo and knick fans will get their money's worth from melo. until then the clock is ticking and there will continue to be hard feelings on either side of the melo debate.
Man who the hell is this guy? Tell me something alan, its obvious you dont like melo, and he isnt going anywhere, wouldnt it be better to throw your support behind your team, that is if your a knick fan, than to write a book why our leading scorer is not a leader.
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