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Default Re: Hall of fame 2K game play level.

Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)
Is it just me or is it annoying that the cpu makes every effin shot. Shit's annoying. You beat them and they block so many of my shots. Crazy. You got Role players going 6-7 in the first half and shit.

Then you have Brandon Bass Blocking Dwight way too often.

How do you guys do against the Hall of Fame level? I feel like my passes are too easily stolen, shots are too easily blocked and I contest the shit out of the CPU when shooting and it STILL makes it. Shit makes my blood boil.

Tell me I'm not crazy.

I'm pretty good, but somedays I feel like I can't make a bucket.

you just have to be patient, it can be very unforgiving at times, they tuned up the help defense because there were so many dunks in 2k11 in traffic.

a good tip is in your half court offense if you are not getting down to 6 or 7 secs left on every half court set you are probably not doing enough to confuse the D

I find that having a good post player is also a good way to get easy buckets (I play with the spurs a lot, Timmy D is a beast in 2k12 if you know how to use him)

also, try to convert every turnover into a fastbreak basket, but if nothing is there call a play immediately so that your floor spacing goes back to normal, the reason you are getting the ball stolen is because you are more than likely rushing your offense.
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