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Default Re: Hall of fame 2K game play level.

HOF is full of cheese. Depending on what position your playing at there are ways to combat it.

I had a PG and a C and my PG blows out HOF by 50, i just started my C and im on bobcats so its not possible playing in HOF ill get dominated by chuck hayes.

As a PG, if you can get 6+ steal a game you will win. CPU will always run similar plays watch out for them and anticipate. The only way to combat cheese is with cheese. Double team if there is a imminent shot clock cheese, thats the only way i know that will atleast stop 1/4 of shot clock cheese. If you team has good rebounders leak out, if not you have to stop the offensive rebounds. With PG, SG of SF always drive, you gotta play like lebron in the finals (2012) and you will get fouls, assits and points.

I play on the PC, so i dont have a console but i found a way to exploit the defence . If you tap left or right when your running from the back court you will get by defenders cause they cant bump you. Also you can run at full speed from the back court and stop and run away you will also leave you defender behind.
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