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Originally Posted by chips93
yeah this really annoyed me

or if there was say a team that i wanted to play, that wasnt a key match-up, and i would have to play every game between now and then to play it.

Yeah. 2k in general seems to have a problem making their game as accessible and convenient as possible for the players, while that is a traditional strong suit of EA.

Everytime I popped the new version of Live in, I was always shocked at how much better the UI and framework of EA's game was. The basketball itself always lacked a lot of depth, but everything else was better.

I've always considered the 2k-Live dynamic to be that 2k's developers are autistic geniuses while Live's are more like used-car salesmen. 2k makes something intricate and high quality, but they don't understand at all what their customers want. EA knows exactly what you want to see, and uses that knowledge to sell you a flawed, shitty product. That's also the reason why it took so long for 2k to destroy the NBA live series, despite delivering consistently far superior basketball gameplay year after year.

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