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Originally Posted by Crown&Coke
team is stacked. Jordan Hill will play the backup 5 almost exclusively I think. and Jamison will play backup 4 exclusively, I really don't see him playing the 3 unless Brown wants a shooter in there not named Kobe or Meeks

I would love me some KMart, him + Dwight would be sick on P&R defense. Last year Kenyon played a ton of 5 and still did a beyond solid job. Word around the block is he wants more than the min, but I really don't see a team with money left wanting him. Cleveland will not want to take time from their young pup, so they are out.

1. Pau has to play the 5 at times too... Some backups are going to be too big for Hill.

2. I see Jamison and Meeks playing together at the 2 and 3... They'll be the
key shot takers in that second lineup....

3. I like your idea of Martin being used as a 5 from time to time... I do
think we need some more depth at the C though......
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