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Default Re: Struggling with Depression

get busy

i've been going through something similar the past few months, and like you said, it sucks balls. i'm directionless atm and have been procrastinating on making any long term decisions, instead just looking to further short term goals and side projects. it doesn't work like that. like you described, i've found it borderline impossible to engage my hobbies or even just hang with friends without getting sidetracked and eventually completely preoccupied by broader anxieties. that's especially true if you're trying to distract yourself from your problems with passive activities in solitude like music, the web, tv, etc. that doesn't work and only serves to drive you further into the depths of despair.

so yeah, if what you're going through is anything like my situation, your best bet is reflect on something you really want to accomplish with a clearly defined endgame and start working towards it... sounds like getting back into shape would be the perfect starting point. talking helps too i guess, if you haven't already unloaded on anybody.

it definitely isn't any fun. and it's also really easy to lay down and accept your own inadequacy. that's why the last thing you want to do is beat yourself up or overanalyze your circumstances. just take on the challenge, recognize it's part of life, and do your best to overcome.

g'luck ;)
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