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Default Re: Struggling with Depression

Originally Posted by hoopaddict08
I think what is really bothering me is not being in a serious relationship. I have always had a desire to get married and have kids. I'm a family-man type of guy. But I just haven't met the one yet and that's killing me inside. Especially when you see married couples that were once happy and now all they do is moan and complain about each other. They have no idea how lucky they are to have someone who truly cares about them.

Things like working out will help as many suggested because it releases endorphins and can make you feel like you are doing something productive to better yourself. However, what you are describing in the part I quoted above indicates to me that there are some deeper life value issues going on that working out may not solve, thus my advice would be to seek some professional help. It sounds like you have been feeling this way for a while and trying things out on your own hasn't quite worked out recently, so seeing a therapist may open your eyes to something more significant.
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