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Default Re: Critical Coaches: Who is perceived to be the biggest cheater in the sport?

I really don't think Cal has to cheat at all anymore, really don't. In the past, absolutely. But he just doesn't have to now. He's gamed the system (legally) to his and UK's advantage. And more power to him. If UK's board of trustees and their alumni are cool with making a joke of their education, whatever, that's on them. Not that EVERY single D1 sports program doesn't skirt their own rules for athletes. Even the Ivys. That's by far the biggest problem I have with "amateur" sports being tied directly to colleges and universities. Don't care if they get paid, don't care if they skirt through bullshit classes, the schools are gaining more than the players. But it's just gross that they'd pimp out their educations that way, but whatever, I've ranted about that enough on here.

Anyway, Calhoun needs WAY more votes. Dude's been legitimately caught cheating. No innuendo, no rumors, no message board talk. Legitimately busted. But fellow coaches like him enough and don't see losing a recruiting battle to UConn the same way they do losing one to a upstart at a program with no history stuck in the middle of nowhere like Scott Drew.

Baylor is exactly what UConn was when Calhoun got there. And they do the same shit. They're both slimy as shit.
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