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Default Re: Mitch Appreciation thread....

Originally Posted by bladefd
Two things to remember:
1) 16 championships to back it up. Great ownership that has done their homework when hiring their staff over the last few decades.
2) $20 billion tv deal recently and essentially 189$ million being paid just for player salaries next season alone (including regular salary and luxury tax costs) as somebody calculated on general forums. That is almost equal to the YANKEES TOTAL TEAM SALARY (no cap limit in mlb of course but you get my drift)!!

That really is something right there. Lakers can afford all that as opposed to a team like Orlando. This is not good for the small market teams at all. They fought over this and went through lockout over this VERY issue. Every other owner out there must have been extremely bitter yesterday. No wonder fans of 29 other teams out there are enraged over this. Just look at the gloom and doom on the general boards.

This will be the last super-team because the new salary cap rules are coming into play VERY soon. In 3 years from now, overly stacking is finished (unless if people sign for minimum money just to stack for championship). Everything in place for Mitch under current system. It's just willing to go with the gamble, and it's paying off so far.

Question for all:

Are the new cap rules going to make it harder or easier for small market
teams to compete??? Seems like the Lakers have the cash to pay the tax,
where other won't....
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