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Default Re: Ask hateraid supplement advice PtII

Hi Hateraid,

For the last several months, I've been trying to gain some weight. I'm close to 5"11 and i fluctuate between 170 and 175 pounds...I've educated myself on better training methods and my strength has improved greatly..I've gained a little bit of size but not enough that I'm satisfied. I used a gainer called Stealth which i liked and i tried another called Carnivor Mass that i didn't like. I use a pre-workout called Assault when I am tired, which helps me with my energy to go hard in my workout....

However, every supplement i take just seems to make my sh*t alot, so im not sure how effective they are..and ive been going through alot of stress in my personal life (custody issues, breakup, potential problems with job security), which just makes me nervous all the time, so some days i have trouble eating and question is what else can i do to try to gain some weight and continue to gain strength when there are days that i don't eat alot due to stress and anxiety?
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