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Default Re: Mitch Appreciation thread....

Originally Posted by magicmanfan
Question for all:

Are the new cap rules going to make it harder or easier for small market
teams to compete??? Seems like the Lakers have the cash to pay the tax,
where other won't....

Here is the con game that the NBA is involved in:

Owners complained that the "Big Market" teams have an unfair advantage and begged to be compensated from the teams who go over the cap......the real truth is that most of those teams have no desire to win a championship, they just made a smart move to get free money......why do you think they also have a Minimum Payroll requirement attached to the CBA. Those teams are just in it to make a nice profit.
The Spurs and Thunder are proof that if you really want to compete for a title you can.

The owners under the cap enjoy free money......don't we all
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