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Originally Posted by ALBballer
The Wolves can have any player off the Knicks, and I mean any.

Minnesota trade:
Kevin Garnett
Mark Blount (horrible contract)
Troy Hudson (horrible contract, injury prone)
Marko Jaric (horrible contract, horrible player)

New York trade:
Jalen Rose (expirer)
Maurice Taylor (expirer)
Malik Rose (expires two years before Blount)
Channing Frye
Nate Robinson
David Lee
Mardy Collins
2009 First Rounder (unconditional)
$3 million cash (towards Malik Rose's contract)

The TWolves rid themselves of a huge amount of salary, and 3 players that are worthless in comparison to their big fat bloated contracts. Rose and Taylor come off the cap at the end of the 2006/07 season, but the Wolves would probably just waive them, to increase their odds of winning the best big man lottery in a long time. They also get some players that are quility starting material to pair up with Randy Foye. This deal is probably the biggest contract dumping deal in history.

CT: Frye/ Griffin/ Taylor
PF: Lee/ Madsen/ MRose
SF: Hassell/ JRose
SG: Davis/ McCants
PG: Foye/ Collins/ Robinson

The Knicks get KG. Assuming the deal for Larry Hughes goes down:

CT: Curry/ Blount/ James
PF: Garnett/ Butler
SF: Richardson/ Balkman
SG: Hughes/ Crawford
PG: Marbury/ Jaric/ Hudson

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