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Default Re: Shaq to Dwight "[Dwight has] Big Shoes to Fill [before he can call himself big]"

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Why is it a Lakers thing?

Because Dwight plays for the Lakers.

Because while Dwight is playing for the Lakers, Shaq will get his # retired which will put them in the same place at the same time.....I am positive Shaq will visit the locker room at least that day.

Anything involved with the Lakers that upsets Dwight hurts our chances to re-sign him.

What else is Shaq going to say to upset him....there is a big danger here.

This is the same buffoon who asked Kobe how his @ss tastes and that Kobe couldn't win without him.....childish, immature, pompous and rude to say the least.

I don't think anything Shaq says would hurt the chances. It might actually present more of a challenge for Dwight. Think about it, Shaquille left on very bad terms with the lakers. We would never resign him for anything. Not even a minimum.

This can make Dwight want to be "the better center" in LA and to be loved more by the fans. To bring up your point about "tell me how my @ss tastes", Kobe after that won an olympic gold that very summer, two back to back championships, while shaq was stripped of his badge and couldn't be a sheriff anymore lol.

Any star that has played with Shaq can testify that when he's bad, he's pretty bad. Kobe went through this, D-Wade, Lebron, Nash. I guarantee you his reputation has been well documented.

Chris Bosh and Shaq also aren't so fond of each other either.
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