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Default Lakers upcoming Luxury Tax

The Lakers will have a tax bill of around $30 million next July, and in retrospect, will view this season as their salad days -- it's the last one where the tax rate is dollar-for-dollar. Starting in 2013-14 the new "incremental" tax takes over, where being $30 million above the tax line will mean paying a whopping $85 million tax bill.
And it gets worse. Starting in 2014-15 teams will pay an even higher rate for being repeat offenders -- defined as paying tax in at least three of the four previous seasons. A team $30 million over the tax line will pay -- brace yourself -- an additional $115 million in luxury tax.
After adding up their payroll, luxury tax bill and revenue sharing contribution (projected to be $49.4 million in 2013-14), even the Lakers have to stop to consider whether this simply can be written off as the cost of doing business -- and that's the future if they're paying players with salaries like Bryant, Howard, Gasol and Nash.

Uncle Stern "luxury tax"

$30 Mil for 2012/13
$85 Mil for 2013/14
$115 Mil for 2014/15?

Wow...85 and 115? Are these amounts additional expense on top of the team roster salary? Who receive this tax? NBA? IRS? or smaller market?

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