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Default Re: Knowing your girlfriends sexual past, good or bad idea?

Originally Posted by Myth
It's a lot easier for a girl to find 80 partners than a guy. A girl could go out to a club any night and get f*cked if she wants.


I know how some women can be. I've had sex with a good amount of women (won't say the number because it really doesn't matter) and it was incredibly easy to get them into bed. Even got it in within hours of first meeting them. It could be my looks, personality, or their willingness to sleep with a guy they barely know, I'll never find out the reason. It doesn't matter though.

My dad always told me, "If a girl wants to have sex, she's going to have sex. There's nothing you can do to stop her." And it's true. If you're not giving her the d***, then some other dude is. This can cause some men to become incredibly insecure because this is always in the back of their head. (I know because I've been there before)

To answer the original question, I never ask and I've rarely had a girl ask me. When they do, I lie about it if I care about them (which I think the majority of people do.) What they've done in their past really doesn't concern me, because if I really care about her I only care about the present and the future.
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