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Default Re: So now that we didnt get Bynum . . .

Originally Posted by Meticode
Hard to say. If Bynum signed an extension or agreed that he would sign an extension then maybe, but since you take that chance, I think it's okay he went with the sure thing right now which is to build team chemistry with this young team for a year.

the thing that irks me with how cavs fans are viewing this, is that we act like there is no risk in not making the trade

just as there is risk that bynum leaves after the first year, and thats why we didnt do the trade, there is also risk that our young guys (specifically tristan) just dont develop

the route grant took, runs the risk of us just plateauing as a late playoff team. having not made the trade, there is a possibility that we just dont hit on our next draft pick, and our guys dont develop. so in a different way, bynum was a sure thing

having said all that, im still optimistic about our guys, i just wish we could have gotten the deal done. im still really excited to see how our young guns have developed over the off-season, and how d-wait and zeller perform this year.
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