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Default Re: Mitch Appreciation thread....

Originally Posted by DKLaker
wow hilarious, rep'd for posting it.

So yea as far as this thread I made a post similar to this in 10 when the Lakers beat boston. It was about when Kupchak had signed Artest because even then I (as well as many ppl in the press and otherwise) could see his brilliance for great deals. This thread that I posted claimed that essentially Kupchak was a genus because he had just leveraged an incredibly rock and a hard place position (Ariza wanting more than 8mil per year guaranteed on his contract, seriously?) into freaking signing Artest for the mid-level exception. Anyone else remember that? That for me almost beat the Gasol for peanuts deal because this had come after the media whirlwind that is winning a championship and also in the midst of a huge contract-extension negotiation with Odom. Artest ended up being the difference in the Boston series and arguably MVP of the crucial game 7.

Since then Mitch has some minor (or incredibly minor) blips in the radar in giving Blake 4mil per year (which would have been worth it if Blake was anything like his Portland self) but even still was able to synchronize his contract signings (and i mean all of them, from Kobe and Gasol to Blake and Artest) to all end in 2014, thus still allowing to adjust and retool if necessary. Some of those contracts were written in 2009 (Kobe's). This is also not even considering his recent history, in bringing both nash and howard to town while still retaining Gasol. It's obviously clear that a GM like Mitch is on a level all on his own. Some GMs think a year or two ahead, Mitch seems to be thinking a decade in advance, yet is still able to fine-tune and handle all the day to day (and season to season) adjustments that must be made in order to ensure a successful ballclub.

As a Laker fan I couldn't be more grateful for a GM that clearly knows what he's doing.

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