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Default Re: Hall of fame 2K game play level.

Its unrealistic because HOF sliders are unrealistic. Take a look at them on the main menu. Switch from cpu to human and notice the difference. Its like that with all games you put on highest difficulty. Its not meant to be realistic. I think even on HOF simulation cpu goes off still. Like if the scale is 0-100, HOF would be set to 75 as far as hitting shots. I dont know the breakdown just giving you a sense if didnt know. Also there are other options that I forget off hand where it allows the cpu to come back from a lead no matter what. I'd have to jump on to get the name. So your lead could evaporate over bogus stuff while the cpu hits every shot imagainble.

I have a video I recorded where I was guarding Calderon who was in the midway point of the halfcourt line and 3pt line to give you an idea. Playing him tight. 5...4...3...2...1, I put my hands straight up as Calderon launches a deep 3. He hits it. Game can be nutty. Same with Madden when it goes god mode. My thing is I dont cheese. I dont like to be cheesed. I always play man on ball defense. Those that dont? Eh, not sure why. I dont like the cpu playing my defense not guarding me. I try not to play video games, but basketball as my friend would say. So countering HOF with cheese imo just isnt fun. I like my games to have a real feel even if its one sided where cpu isnt playing how I'd like.
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