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Default Re: Knowing your girlfriends sexual past, good or bad idea?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
If I have slept with a woman I think I can get a decent gauge on how many men she has been with without her telling me a damn thing...

It's usually pretty obvious when a girl has been around...

If you really "know" her then it should be fairly obvious I think


and it shouldn't really matter, depending. As long as she's not all used up. If her body is still alright who cares?

I used to be all jelly when I was a teen. I'd be worried about what lead her to do that, but it's just the same as anything else. She could have been a drug addict, too, would you forgive that?

I don't think many girls have slept with 240 men. haha 80 I don't even believe. In fact I believe that once you went over a certain number you wouldn't even be able to count them. Think about it, can you count all of the girls you've known in your life?

It's like looking back and trying to remember how many times you *********ed or how many times you smoked weed. Not to mention she probably wasn't sober. 80 guys is a lot of guys, though, no doubt. Most of the sluts I know don't even KNOW 80 guys. That's some serious party/bar hopping/one night stand shit. You can't fulfill that number with people you actually know.

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