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Default Re: Black Ops 2 info revealed

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
I only played MW3 so my noobish understanding of the streaks in BO is that basically no matter your perks the big boy killstreaks will get you? Which I think is good. Running Blind Eye in MW3 I'm never killed by the killstreaks besides the occasional stealth bomber or when people on my team without it get close to me. Seems like BO2 will be much better than MW3.

Ghost Pro protected you from everything except dogs and blackbird. It was a perk people hated in Black Ops. Which is why MW3 split the perk into 2. Blind Eye (protection from air support/sentry guns) and Assasin (protection from UAVs). And yeah that was one thing with Ghost that if you were near people without it? A person in a Chooper Gunner in Black Ops could kill you by simply shooting up that area. Once they detect hit markers they attack that area.

So the big boy killstreaks in BO didnt always get you honestly. Dogs/Blackbird were the only kill streaks that exposed any perk used. But most people with Ghost wore a silencer so killing dogs wasnt hard. Blackbird in NO was the best perk ever. Becuase not only did it reveal everyone like Adv UAV, it showed where a player was running as well. Adv UAV is a spinoff of Blackbird basically.

I cant say if BO2 will be better than MW3 as far as multiplayer but I'm a HUGE zombie gamer and Treyarch never disappoints with zombies mode. The thing I like about BO vs MW3 is the ability to get in a gun fight. MW3 the 1 on 1 gun battle is short, BO you had a chance.

No problem with noob questions, keep them coming. I have no problem answering as well as others.
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