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Originally Posted by HHT Music
Ok, before everyone gets all defensive, hear me out. I seriously thought that the PJ Brown/Smith deal didn't get done right away because they were exploring other options. I would've been much happier to see them go after a Boozer or Wilcox type player. They are both young, can score, and could impact the team immediately. Don't get me wrong P.J. will impact the time right away and he brings much needed leadership and is a better scorer than Tyson but lets face it, he's at the end of his career. JR has been a huge disappointment thus far and hasn't show much progress since jumping to the NBA from High School. The only thing he has going for him is that he's young and if anyone can get him to elevate his game, it'll be skiles. Don't be surprised if he is used in another trade later on. As I see it, we still need either another inside post threat or a veteran bigger shooting guard.

Am I the only one hoping and praying that Ben W. doesn't get lazy now that he has the money. Don't be shocked if it happens. He wasn't worth 60 million for FOUR years to me but on the positive side, Tyson is gone. I'm still pissed they let Brand go for him.

Peace...but I think you are missing the point of the trade...The Bulls made the deal to have salary cap space in 2007....PJ Brown only has one year on his contract; the money will go off of the books and allow The Bulls to sign their own players (which is important because they have to keep Henrich) or go after free agents if they chose to go that route...The other cat, Smith, was brought in as an add-on...Word around the league is that he will probably be used as trade bait by the start of the season...
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