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Default Re: I just got a $53 check for a movie

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
He said "You don't stop calling me a legend, I'm going to stab you with this fork."
To which I replied, "And that would only add to your legend. It would be another legendary act by you."

Classic diss. Reminds me of one of the guys on Narnia, guy was almost 7 feet tall, played a cyclops. One of the ADs (Assistant Director) walks past him, and cyclops guy asks him nicely to grab him a coke from the cooler about 50 meters away... AD refuses, cyclops stands up and says, 'now.' Fastest I had seen that little guy move.

The funniest thing about all these little guys called ADs, is that they don't actually do anything. They are like little bitches running around the set.
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