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Default The Ruin of the Mass Effect Series

Every time I remember Mass Effect it's painful to think about. A video game that really changed my gaming life and sucked me in so hard right off the bat... and that had potential to end in GOAT fashion choking it all away.

First time I played the ending I was like "eh it's not that bad" but after months of letting it sit it's really bad. As a diehard who played through the first two games more than a dozen times each it's really sad how such an epic franchise can be destroyed by the finale. The third game itself had the best fighting but really went shallow on the RPG front and the ending was devastating to fans of the series. So much so that gaming history was made when the developers actually added to the ending because of so much fan hate.

The only part of 3 that was remotely deep was the ending talk with each squad member and the reuniting missions with Wrex and Mordin my two favorite squad members from the series. Is Bioware to blame for selling out to EA? Is EA to blame for handling the project so carelessly and mainstreaming it for shooter fans? I can't even bring myself to play the 3rd game for a second try.

I'll always have a special attachment to this video.

One of the most epic trailers of all time for any game. I watched this 500 times in the week leading up to the launch of ME2 and I was there at 10 pm for the midnight launch. I stayed up until 4 am that night playing.
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