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Default Re: The Ruin of the Mass Effect Series

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Would you agree though that the game had a chance to really be in GOAT discussions with all the build up and dropped the ball? What do you cite as the reason for the demise of ME? I'm pretty sure no matter who you blame it's due to the EA purchase. Fiasco talked about this before and I didn't really believe it until months later.

Bioware being rushed by EA was probably the reason it didn't live up to the hype and expectations. If they had more time maybe they could have seen some of the writing flaws and made the game more polished.

I don't know about it being in the GOAT discussions. I kind of knew ME1 would be the high point of the series, at least for me. But that didn't stop ME2 from being amazing. And I don't think Red Dead Redemption will ever be topped. That game will always be the GOAT imo, although Gears 3 and the PS1 Spyro games are right up there as well.

But still, ME3 wasn't really a bad game. I'd probably give it like a 8/10 or so.

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