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Default Re: Black Ops 2 info revealed

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
Alright after reading through the perks I got some more questions.

Engineer. Booby traps care packages. How does this work? Can you do it to enemy care packages, or do you do it to your own? And if you do it to your own, is it before or after you take what is inside it?

And I think you get ammo in care packages, correct? Now do you get one care package with a shitload in it or do you get a little bit in each?

And finally, it lets you re-roll care packages. How would this work?

Just to note Ghost in BO2, it will keep you off the radar but unlike Black Ops Ghost or Assasins in MW3? You HAVE to be moving. You cant camp with it or you will show up on the radar. Thats pretty good because I use Assasin in MW3 but I'm a run n gunner (wreckless). I cant sit in a certain location and spawn trap or aim at an area I know enemies will come but they have no clue I'm there since I'm rocking Assassin perk. People will still camp but it gives you an advantage of seeing a ghost user camping waiting for you to come running out. Especially in objective based games like Domination.

Blind Eye will work the same in BO2 as MW3.

Now Engineer is like Sit rep in MW3 where you can see enemy equipment. You probably never used this perk. But if you did you notice motion sensors, claymores, bouncing bettys, turretts etc etc. So all enemy equipment will flare up with this perk. Also you have 2 more abilities. Re-rolling a package is changing your care package. In Black Ops there was a perk called Hardline Pro (pro version only) where you double tapped your care package so that UAV can be something better. Roll of the dice basically. Sometimes you'll get a SAM Turrett in a package double tap it? Get lucky and get dogs. And booby trapping care packages was the Hacker Perk in Black Ops. MW3 used booby trapped packages as a Support Killstreak. Black Ops there was a perk called Hacker where not only did you detect enemy euipment you could hack it to be your own. You see a sentry gun? Hack it and it works for you/your team. Same with care packages and it allowed you to booby trap the care package as well. But back to booby trapping with Engineer perk you can steal someones care package and in the process it will booby trap it.

For example enemy team throws down care package. You kill the guy, steal his package. While you're stealing it, it automatically is booby trapping it but the package icon doesnt disappear on his map. He comes back, goes for it and it blows up.

Clip showing it.

Also note....say an enemy throws down his package and its a UAV? With Engineer not only can you steal it and booby trap it? You could double tap the package and turn the UAV into something u want. Steal/booby trap.

Engineer will have elite and pro. I dont know what Engineer Elite, and Engineer Pro will be. I know in Black Ops double tapping package and booby trap were pro version perks. So maybe Engineer elite will be booby trap and pro version re-rolling (basically double tap it to change)

Alot of these perks have elite and pro versions as well. I dont know what other capabilities Ghost Elite or Ghost Pro will hve since the description is basic "dont show up on UAV unlss stationary"

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